Monday, December 15, 2014

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Look everybody. Another guy with a guitar. This record is full of surprisingly simple songs. Some of them are obviously built on traditional country themes. Others are a little bit rock n roll. All tracks feature my voice, my guitar and a dream. Enjoy!
OK. Where do I begin? About ten years ago I got the guitar back out and started playing and singing songs. I didn’t try too hard to be original. I just wanted to get competent at some covers that I loved. That’s a long list and I’ll never get to all of them, and of course the list gets longer as I am introduced to all the new stuff out there. I absolutely did intend to write new songs. I just didn’t push myself too hard, and as a result of time, and the newfound ability to put insecurity, stage fright and the perfectionist in the back seat, or in the trunk of the car if necessary, I came up with some songs. Eight of which are on this record. What I’ve done is kind of a simple, and fun rehash of old formulas. Come on! “Friday Night”, it’s kind of a cross between “Working for the Weekend” by LoverBoy, Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job and Shove it”, and “Saturday Night” by the Bay City Rollers. “Cheep Beer” is a drinking song, but also, kind of a superficial examination of a man’s life, and thank god for beer. Am I right? Please remember to use beer and other mind altering substances in moderation. “Tragic Full Moon” is about a bar fight; I wrote words based on several different life experiences, but nothing too literal. If you only knew what was in my mind. Maybe future songs will reveal more. Anyway “Coming Home” is the antidote to all the broken heart, crying in my beer, and you done me wrong songs. Hey that reminds me of another cover I have to learn. “Coming Home” is about a man’s commitment to his marriage, a virtually unheard of theme these days. “Can My Guitar go to Heaven” is a redemption, regret and apology song. Sorry for the things I done wrong. Jeees . Nobody’s perfect. Give me a break. Also, it’s self depreciating and silly, and goofs on “Mama Tried” by Merle Haggard, and it’s also one of those - I was raised with too much bible learning and maybe I’m a sinner - songs. “Lonesome Trail”, I would like to see performed by a tight and highly polished Cowboy Cabaret or barber shop quartet. “Ocean Of Tears” I wrote when I was twenty four. I thought I was Punk Rock. I wrote it to mock country music. Thought it was funny. I did not understand why it made my girlfriend cry at the time. Since then I have come to accept that it has effects on people that I do not fully understand. It’s a - My woman left me cause I’m no good - song. What can I say? “Beyond My Means”. Hey, I had a little fun with the credit card. Sue me. Never mind, please don’t sue me I could never afford that. Basically I have tried to simplify things, and have some fun with this record. Check it out. Hope you like it.

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