Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Hello, I’m Larry, an artist and musician living in Athens, GA. Here is my story:

After art school, me and several friends from the Ringling School of Art and Design, ran an alternative art space out of the top floor apartment of the building that I was living in. We featured art and music, we got plenty of attention, and had a lot of fun. Before I left Sarasota, I was fortunate enough to work two years as an art handler at the John and Mable Ringling Museum.
In 1990, I moved to New York, and soon began work as a freelance art installer and museum preparator.
Though I had many great experiences, my artwork suffered. I longed for the time and space and peace of mind to just make art. After five years as a resident of New York, I moved down south and started making art again. I traveled back and forth for freelance work in the city. On one of these trips I met my lovely wife, a brilliant artist. She came down and we both began working and peddling our wares in the local Athens art scene.
In 2004, I got my current job in the exhibition dept. at a wonderful local art museum, The Georgia Museum of Art. I don’t have as much time to devote to painting these days, but fortunately, I made a lot of paintings during my freelance years. I am so glad to have this Etsy shop open. It is an excellent venue. I have already gotten so much attention and encouragement from other artists and people I don’t even know.

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